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很多英语学会知道英语单词Duck是“鸭子”的意思,但是实际上,英语里duck还是个常见的动词,请同学们要学会掌握这个duck的英语动词的用法,基本意思有“迅速低下头,弯腰, 躲闪, 逃避”等意思,联系到鸭子在水里的动作,这个是非常形象的一个单词。

1. also duck down [I,T] to lower your head or body very quickly, especially to avoid being seen or hit
• 〔迅速〕低下(头),弯下(身),躲闪:
 »If she hadn't ducked, the ball would have hit her.
▪ [+ behind / under etc ]
 »Jamie saw his father coming and ducked quickly behind the wall.
 »Tim ducked down to comb his hair in the mirror.
 »She ducked her head to look more closely at the inscription.
2. [I always + adv / prep] to move somewhere very quickly, especially to avoid being seen or to get away from someone
• 躲避,逃避:
▪ [+ into ]
 »The two men ducked into a block of flats and disappeared.
▪ [+ out of ]
 »She ducked out of the door before he could stop her.
▪ [+ back ]
 »'Wait a minute', he called, ducking back inside.
3. [T] [informal] to avoid something, especially a difficult or unpleasant duty
• 躲避,逃避〔责任等〕;
【SYN】 dodge
 »The ruling body wanted to duck the issue of whether players had been cheating.
 »Glazer ducked a question about his involvement in the bank scandal.
4. [T] to push someone under water for a short time as a joke
• 〔开玩笑地〕把〔人〕按入水中:
 »duck sb under sth
 »Tom grabbed him from behind to duck him under the surface.


duck out of sth
• to avoid doing something that you have to do or have promised to do
• 躲避,逃避〔应该做或答应做的事情〕:
 »I always ducked out of history lessons at school.

Duck: verb1. ~ (down) | ~ (behind / under sth) to move your head or body downwards to avoid being hit or seen
   He had to duck as he came through the door.
   We ducked down behind the wall so they wouldn't see us.
   He just managed to duck out of sight.
   She ducked her head and got into the car.
2. [VN] to avoid sth by moving your head or body out of the way
   SYN  dodge :
   He ducked the first few blows then started to fight back.
3. [V +adv. / prep.] to move somewhere quickly, especially in order to avoid being seen
   She ducked into the adjoining room as we came in.
4. ~ (out of) sth to avoid a difficult or unpleasant duty or responsibility
   It's his turn to cook dinner, but I bet he'll try to duck out of it.
   The government is ducking the issue.
5. (NAmE also dunk)
   [VN] to push sb underwater and hold them there for a short time
   The kids were ducking each other in the pool.

英语动词 弯腰 躲避 低头 duck