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over作为形容词和副词的用法,很有动态感,比如“倒下地”,“弯下地,折起来地”, “从一边到另一边”等。

adv, adj
1. FALLING DOWN 摔倒, from an upright position into a position of lying on a surface
 »He was so drunk he fell over in the road.
 »Mind you don't knock the candle over.
 »Engineers are working to prevent the tower from toppling over.
2. BENDING / FOLDING 弯/折, so that someone or something is no longer straight or flat, but is bent or folded in the middle
弯下(的); 折起来(的):
 »As Sheila bent over, a sudden pain shot up her back.
 »He folded the paper over and put it in his pocket.
3. ACROSS 穿越
a. from one side of an object, space, or area to the other side
 »There are only three canoes so some people will have to swim over.
 »The wall was crumbling where children had climbed over.
 »I went over (=crossed the room, street etc) to say hello, but Vincent didn't recognize me.
[+ to ]
 »We flew over to the US to visit my Aunt Polly.
[+ from ]
 »One of my cousins is coming over from France with his wife and daughter.
 »Come over here and see what I've found.
4. IN OR TO A PLACE 在或到某处, in or to a particular house, city etc
在〔某处〕; 到〔某处〕:
 »You really should come over and see our new house.
 »I spent the whole day over at Gabby's place.
 »We could drive over to Oxford this afternoon.
5. FINISHED 结束的, if an event or period of time is over, it has finished
 »Is the meeting over yet?
 »over (and done) with (=used about something unpleasant)〔指令人不快的事〕结束了
 »I'm so glad the mid-term exams are over and done with.
 »You'd better give them the bad news. Do it now – get it over with.
  你最好把这个坏消息告诉他们。 现在就去,把这件事情结束掉。
6. TO THE SIDE 向一边, towards one side
 »The bus pulled over to the side of the road.
 »Would you move over, so I can sit next to you.
7. GIVING 交出, from one person or group to another
 »The attacker was ordered to hand over his weapon.
 »Most of the money has been signed over to his children.
8. CHANGING 改换; 转换, from one position or system to another
 »The guards change over at midnight.
 »We switched over from electricity to gas because it was cheaper.
9. TURNING 转,翻, so that the bottom or the other side of something can now be seen
 »Turn the box over and open it at that end.
 »Josh rolled over and went back to sleep.
10. MORE THAN 多于, more than or higher than a particular number, amount, or level
更多; 更高; …以上;
【OPP】 under
 »Almost 40% of women are size 14 or over .
  差不多有 40% 的女性的服装尺码是 14 码或 14 码以上。
 »People earning £33,000 and over will pay the higher rate of tax.
  收入 33000 英镑或以上者要支付更高的税款。