what's the betting 是什么意思?

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what's the betting 很可能;大概会

bet·ting / ˈbetiŋ / noun [U]
   the act of risking money, etc. on the unknown result of an event
   illegal betting
see also spread betting
what's the betting...? | the betting is that...    (informal) it seems likely that...
   What's the betting that he gets his own way?
   The betting is that he'll get his own way.

betting / ˈbɛtɪŋ ; ˈbetɪŋ /
1. [U] when people risk money on the results of games, competitions etc or other future events
• 打赌; 赌钱;
--› gambling
2. what's the betting / the betting is, [BrE] used to say that something seems very likely to happen or to be true
• 很可能:
 »What's the betting Dan's involved in this somewhere?

很可能 惯用语 what's the